LMF 2019 Schedule

We meet fortnightly on Friday evenings. Our gathering starts at 7:45pm. Please note that an exciting new development for 2019 that alternate meetings will be a more informal home setting. 

LMF 2019 Meeting schedule

25th Jan – LMF Live with Mark Surey. 

Feb 8th – LMF@Home.

Feb 22nd  – LMF Live with R. Gibson 

March 8th – LMF@Home.

March 22nd – LMF Live, Learn about God’s hidden face at Purim.

April 5th – LMF@Home.

April 19 – Communal Messianic Seder meal, please book at pay in advance. (limited spaces)

May 3rd – LMF@Home.

May 17th – LMF Live with R. Gibson.

May 31st – LMF@Home.

June 14th – LMF Live learn about Shavuot.

June 28th – LMF@Home.

July 12th – LMF Live.

July 26th – LMF@Home.

Summer pause